Going to An Institution — 79 Comments

  1. Congratulations. (I thought you two were already engaged though.)

    I guess your next book will either be on catering or wedding etiquette.

  2. Steve,

    Yesterday I thought to myself, “Somewhere along the way I stopped keeping up with Waiter Rant. I wonder what he’s written lately?”

    I stopped in and read your entire archives, and enjoyed the old classics and the new hardboiled detective tales as well. Thank you for eight years of thoughtful writing, and for giving me new lenses to see with.

    You’ve grown, your writing has grown, your insights have deepened, the scope of your career has broadened, and you’ve even gotten engaged! I am quietly and warmly happy for you and for your wife-to-be. Congratulations and best wishes.

  3. Ahhh haa

    So the day has finally come:) you must be very happy indeed:) congratulations sir. Always have thought two people committing to a lifetime with each other is one of the most beautiful things in life


  4. A heart-felt congratulations to you both!!

    Still, can’t help feeling like a bird who had been thrown a few crumbs here – some more frequent posts (more than a sentence or two) would be nice…

    No, you don’t “owe” your readers anything – your success was your own, but a lot of your readers have grown to really enjoy your posts and want to know how your life is going (without, of course, infringing on your privacy), and it’s sad that you now seem to have so little time to even attempt to write a proper post these days…

    And Happy Christmas – you seem to have forgotten to post that day… ;)

  5. Hey.. congrats! Have been following your blog for years.. long before the big reveal :) very happy for you! Best wishes to you both!

  6. Oh, also, I heard a piece on This American Life that made me think of your blog (which I think about whenever I go out to eat) and I am never eating calamari again. :-)

  7. Congratulations to you and yours. We will see our 52nd anniversary in 3 weeks, let us share our fortitude with you. We remember the exciting start and the roller coaster ride to the comfort of today. Our best wishes to you for the same, hang in ! ! !

  8. With just one ‘proper’ post in over six months I think its clear that Steve has lost interest in this blog. Its a shame as we have all been following him for a number of years but now he’s no longer a waiter I suppose The End was inevitable sooner or later.
    Good luck Steve.

    • Andy, Steve’s a great writer with a lot of heart — and a lot of things on his mind. That we keep checking back is a testament to all that. I’m hoping that there’ll still be something “new” from time to time. Perhaps it’s time for Steve to start a new site, and new blog with new emphasis, for himself.

      • Hi Bob,

        My comment was not a criticism of Steve or the blog in any way. I have been an avid read of Waiterrant for years. I was just saying that its a shame that it seems to have reached its natural conculsion. I agree, that should Steve continue this blog or start another one with his general musings or short stories then I shall continue to visit.

  9. Your fiancee is my cousin and she just shared the news with me a few days ago. You are getting one of the smartest, coolest, wittiest women I’ve ever had the honor of knowing. Even as a little kid, she was a pistol—one of those people who just sparkle with life and energy and creativity. I believe you have met your match!

    Best to you both.

  10. Been following you seen 2006, and it’s great to hear that you’ve found happiness. Congrats and I”m sure we’re looking forward to SOME pictures :P

  11. Yay! Marriage is a wonderful institution, despite all of the naysayers. My husband of 5 years (we’ve been together for 10 years, but decided to make it official when our 2nd son was on the way) is really my rock. He’s a massive pain in my backside, but I love him more than anything. And I never have to worry about who I’m going to kiss on New Year’s Day, so there’s that,

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