Merry Christmas

Hey everybody:

Sorry I’ve been away so long. Let’s just say my life is unfolding nicely and I’ve been very busy. I’m enjoying the holidays with my fantastic and lovely girlfriend, so I’m just fine.

May you all have a Happy (Insert appropriate holiday here) and a wonderful New Year!

And if you go out to eat tonight, tip your server well!

All the best



Merry Christmas — 18 Comments

  1. Very happy to hear from you! Glad things are going well and I hope we get some good posts/updates soon. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Waiter/Guru/Steve!!!

  2. Rereading waiter rant for pure sanity purposes. Nothing like getting shit on by yuppie middle class patrons! Hoping you and yours the best for Xmas Steve!

  3. Good to see you’re ‘just fine,’ Sir.
    -Always 20%. at least.

    May you have a fantastic [holiday corresponding to you]! (and the same goes for your New Year as well)


  4. Happened to come across your book when I was browsing a bookstore. I almost passed it up but I ended up buying it. I’ve been a waitress/bartender for almost 5 years. This book is amazing.

  5. We may not eat out (can’t afford it )BUT I have talked up your column and trained my teens to factor in a 20% tip for the pizza delivery guy from the local pizza palace (somehow teens always have money for pizza!). My dd has noted how it seems the pizza is delivered faster each time – could it be the tips paying off ;-)

  6. Just finished reading Waiter Rant in one sitting and came straight to your blog. As someone who waited tables “in the trenches” for 14 years (and at 28, that’s half of my life) and finally stopped this year, it was much like reading an autobio…but funnier and better written.

    Giant hat tip to you, Steve. Never stop writing.

  7. I just read your first book, Waiter Rant, yesterday and have to say Thank-you for a great read. Being an old waitress myself, I relate in many ways! Take care and God Bless!

  8. Hope you had a great Christmas! I worked christmas eve in the restaurant and luckily I think people felt bad and tipped very well :)

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