Cool Portland

I’ve been in Portland exactly five hours and I feel it’s cool vibe working deep into my bones. Or is that rheumatisim from the damp weather? I don’t know. But so far, Portland’s a very cool place. Look at the view from my hipster cool hotel room!

Now I’m going down to the bar and have me a nightcap. I’ve got to get up early tomorrow! I’ve got a full day of work ahead of me!


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  1. Hey Waiter! While up in the Northwest of Oregon, keep in mind that you are in the midst of a high number of some of the best Microbreweries in the world. I say that, and I live in Munich, Germany! The absolute best is a beer by the name of “Mirror Pond” from the Deschutes Brewery. Have fun!

  2. Hipster hotel room? If it’s the Ace, then you’re in a nice spot. Lots of great food nearby, and Clyde Common in particular is excellent for a fairly reasonable price.

    Portland’s amazing; I miss it. :D

  3. I will agree with your first poster. I am from Corvallis which is South of Portland, and we have some of the best breweries in the world.

  4. Just looked closer at the picture – you’re actually just a few blocks from me!

    I’m not a stalker, but I may run into you ;-)

  5. Please check out stumptown coffee while you’re there. Founded by an acquaintance, regionally renowned.. mightily tasty. There’s one in the bottom of the ace and another on 3rd in downtown.

  6. Don’t know what kind of schedule you’re on but if you can make it to the Coast … it’s beautiful, not to be missed.

    But if not – Veritable Quandry is a delicious Portland restaurant. The food is as good as the name is bad.

  7. corn chips? corn chips are no place for a mighty warrior! ( i have no idea what that means… i keep hearing it from my kids)

  8. If you are at the Ace, grab a Rueben next door at Kenny & Zukes. Great stuff. Hit happy hour at Ten-01. Order truffle fries. You won’t be sorry. High end restaurant with dirt cheap happy hour prices, 3 blocks from you. Cacao chocolate shop on 13th, 2 or 3 blocks from you. Drinking chocolate. Yum.

  9. Definitely enjoy the city–especially since I hear that the weather has improved from a few days ago. Also check out the food carts on SW 10th and Alder–Whole Bowl is great, as is Thai Herbs, and Aybla. Cheap, easy, and delicious!

  10. You have to go to Moonstruck Chocolates. Truffles that amaze the mind and go straight to the hips, but they’re more than worth it. I ditto Deschutes (sp?) Brewery and Voodoo Donuts for the “male member” donut. Bring cash.

  11. you are totally in my city! are you doing something with your new book? The other day my dad, who works at Ponderosa got tipped in postage stamps and I thought about your new book.

  12. also, I know everyone is recommending a lot of cool stuff, but VooDoo donuts is super cool, SW 3rd and Burnside. They have a variety of donuts including donuts with bacon and names like cock n’ balls.

  13. Welcome to Stumptown, Steve! Enjoy your stay at the Ace. And everyone’s recs are spot-on. Clyde Common, in the lobby of the Ace, has a great happy hour. And Deschutes is just a few blocks away, with killer beer.

  14. Welcome to Portland, Waiter.

    I’ll second the recommendation of Moonstruck Chocolates at #16 above. Also check out the fine products of the Clear Creek Distillery!

  15. Forget Moonstruck. You are very close to a chocolate shop called Cacao. Seek it out. Then get your hands on some DePaula’s chocolate truffles.

  16. Welcome to Portland! If you can make it to the weekend you might actually get to see some sunshine. I would try and suggest some places to visit/eat at, but there are simply too many! Rogue Brewery over in the Pearl has some really lovely hazelnut rum, if that is your flavor at all.

  17. What’s a “hipster cool hotel room”? No water pressure in the shower and a bad bed? And don’t forget, while you’re at the Ace, it’s mandatory to sit in the lobby pretending to use your laptop and to look disaffected. Extra points if you dawdle over a single espresso for a half hour or more.

    Pay no mind to all the idiotic restaurant suggestions above. There’s a great McDonald’s on W. Burnside a few blocks away that’s all you need. They have a playground and plenty of smack dealers nearby.

    the swami

  18. I totally hung out in the lobby. And it’s much easier to look disaffected when you’re 40! And I had a lovely dinner at The Clyde next door!

  19. Since you’re already close, I would recommend a trip to Astoria–the Rogue Brewery on the pier has a magnificent chocolate flavored beer, unbelievable views of the Columbia, and is also only about 5 minutes away from the Maritime museum. Also, I would recommend a quick stop at Cannon Beach–if you’ve never seen Haystack Rock in real life (as opposed to a picture), you’d enjoy it!!

  20. Loved Portland. I visited a friend out there for a few days a couple of months ago.

    Dynamite sushi joint called … Bush Garden, I think, in West Portland.

    Some terrific microbrews there, too, if you’re into beer.

  21. Hey, it’s not even raining! No way can you fully appreciate PDX in this dry spell! Check out Higgin’s for the finest Oregon regional dining and the finest waitstaff in Portland… the bistro bar is great too if you cannot get in the dining room. Anything cured, smoked or pickled will do!

  22. Большое спасибо. Появилась классная идея, но требует сильной реорганизации старой мысли, займусь в ближайшем будущем. Скоро поделюсь с читателями блога!

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