Wall Street Journal

Wow! A good review in the Wall Street Journal. The cartoon is hilarious.

Some other media thingys – a nice conversation with Virgina Prescott on “Word of Mouth” for New Hampshire Public Radio.

Also thanks to Good Day New York for the TV spot today. And many thanks to Kim and Besty at Martha Stewart’s “Morning Live” show¬† and Gayle King at Oprah & Friends for the fun interviews/ (Both radio shows are satellite radio and playing on future dates!)


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  1. Ah, Waiter, all this is just so wonderful for you. I’ve been following your blog exploits for some 2+ years, and enjoying the hell out of your writing.

    Your success is most satisfying indeed. Hope you enjoy the adventure!

  2. Once you have time to breath, you have to share with us how things went on your end.

    I know you’ve been having fun and everything, but your current experience with dealing with the media and everything else must have SOME story behind it!

    Welcome the trip and enjoy!


  3. Just finished the book! It was great. I’m an avid reader but I don’t usually purchase new books…I always wait until they come out in paperback. But for you Waiter I made an exception. Well…also I had the poor girl at Chapters searching all over the store for your book. I told her the title and then she asked me who wrote it and I had to say “The Waiter”…I’m sure she thought I was crazy (or drunk) with that response!!

    I’m really pleased for you!


  4. I’m mad you didn’t say you were going to be in the USA Today’s Life section on Wednesday. Great picture! I FINALLY got to see who was writing!

  5. Hey there Steve!

    Just finished your book and had a great time reading it. I hope we see more from you in the future. When I went to go buy my copy it took them a while to find it – they hadn’t put it out yet!! But by the time I left I had made sure (in a very nice way of course) that your books were the first thing people would see when they walked in!!

  6. OMG you are really being outed big time. I hope you don’t wind up getting your ass kicked over some of this!

    I am enjoying the heck out of the book.

  7. Congratulations on all the good press!

    In shift meeting today at my [soon to be former] place of employment, our manager chirpily announced that the server who had the most call parties would win… a copy of your book! Wish it had been me… guess I’ll have to buy my own! *grin*

    Hope things are going well in your world… drop me a line if you’re ever in South Florida and want to commiserate over your former occupation. [and check out my blog if you like-- it was inspired by you!]


  8. “Jane”, just checked out your blog, not half bad. I’ve always thought that waitpeople had a tough job, you writers are doing a good job of confirming that perception. Keep writing!

  9. I’m about 3/4 through–job obligations keep me from devouring books in one sitting like I used to.

    I’m going to be genuinely sad when I’m finished and there is no more. . .

  10. Hmm, that’s a bit crap that they’ve uncovered the Bistro already. I’m still reading, and have been since Thursday afternoon. It’s the first time in a long while that a book has grabbed me like this, mainly because I work in the retail sector and so can share sympathy with you over customer habits.

  11. I’ve been reading your blog for several years and it is awesome to be able to put a face to the stories. Live well, and I wish you the best.

  12. Just finished your book and had to laugh as many of your exploits. They should really give you mace to go with the pepper mill.

    I work at a bookstore now and I have been pushing your book on every customer that is even near the cooking section (yes, that’s where we have it) but if you are getting the Oprah treatment we are going to have to stock up, all those middle aged housewives clean us out on any book that she mentions.

    Congratulations, you deserve every victory :)

  13. I just watched your Today show interview – you did great…BUT…I was waiting for your demonstration of the 1,000 yard stare! Awww shucks…Congratulations! I’ve been reading your rants for more than a couple of years now. You should be very proud.

  14. AHEM!!! The book is already #50 on Amazon’s best seller list as of last evening. I’m nearly done reading it–was tempted to stay up all night to finish it, but made myself go to bed.

    I caught the Today Show interview on their website.

    Have a blast with this, Waiter!

  15. Just bought books for everyone at B&N yesterday. Got home late, and I stayed up til I was finished. I was not disappointed. My only regret is it’s not signed! Will you ever come to Seattle so I can rectify that!!!

    Most excellent, and nothing less than we all expected after reading your always-informative and well written blog!


  16. Got the book from Amazon today. The (outdated) cover is bee-ute-ee-full. I kept trying to brush the crumb off.

    Haven’t read it yet, I’m saving it for dessert.

  17. Waiter your book is on a roll !! As of 10:30am PST, on 8/2/08

    Average Customer Review:

    42 Reviews
    5 star: (19)
    4 star: (15)
    3 star: (4)
    2 star: (3)
    1 star: (1)
    Amazon.com Sales Rank: #49 in Books

    Popular in these categories:
    #2 in Books > Entertainment > Humor > Satire

    #3 in Books > Entertainment > Humor > Essays

    #6 in Books > Biographies & Memoirs > Memoirs

  18. Congratulations Waiter Steve! I started reading my copy about 11pm and had it finished by 4am! I havent been up all nite reading a book since my twins were born 12 yrs ago! Wow I’m so glad I’ve got my WaiterRant t-shirt, coffee mug and pile of WaiterRant pens so I can say “Oh I knew Waiter way back when…” LOLOL

    Enjoy this time Waiter Steve because its official, you are officially a Writer!

  19. Hey, I heard you today on KSCO in Santa Cruz. You did great, and sadly I did not get through to talk to you.

    But you sound nothing like I thought you would. I imagined New Yorker

  20. Fantastic! You haven’t shown up in my feedreader for quite some time, I had no idea the book was out! I’m off to buy my copy now. Thanks for all the marvelous stories you’ve shared over the years. As a restaurant industry veteran I love hearing them!

  21. I’ve been a reader for 3 years, I’m so thrilled for your success thus far! I just finished last night, I loved it. I had to fight the urge to start over and read it again. Thanks for sharing with us. Keep the stories coming!

    P.S. Tell those big bookstores to move your book out of the “cooking reference” section. Wow, couldn’t be more inaccurate!

  22. nice book waiter(i no your name now but i so used to calling you waiter), and did anything come of that meeting with “rachel”?

  23. Just finished your book! Loved it. 25 years in foodservice and it should be requried reading for every restaurant patron! Good luck with your future and I hope you make MEGA Bucks!

  24. Enjoyed every word in your book! Like others have shared, I feel a little thrill watching your success after avidly following your blog for a long time. Believe in your success! You’ve shown the world, and hopefully yourself, what you can accomplish.

  25. Waiter, I bought your book at eleven this morning and had finished it by eight. Congratulations — it was a great read! Here’s hoping that its sales and acclaim exceed your wildest expectations.

    Oddly enough, my Books-A-Million outlet has shelved “Waiter Rant” in the cooking section.

  26. Good for you, waiter. It feels like a friend of mine just became famous (even though you don’t know me from Adam).

    Good work, you deserve it!

  27. I saw you on the Today Show. Smart, funny and cuter than you have any right to be. I didn’t miss the totally characteristic laugh when Matt Lauer made his little verbal stumble either. You’re the best. I’m sure you were nervous, but you did great. Is it totally surreal?

    Congratulations. I’m so happy for you.

  28. Sorry, but this blog is turning into one big commercial. I acknowledge that everyone needs an income, and a writer has to promote his work, but I originally came here a couple of years ago to read the posts. The posts are now all about promoting the book. That’s not what I came here for. With you out of the waiter business now, I guess I shouldn’t expect any more good posts about restaurant life. Too bad for me, I guess.

  29. Don’t listen to the Jojos out there… keep up the good work. Re-reading the book, I noticed a mistake on page 111 at the end of the first paragraph.

    “After that incident I never directly criticized customers over their cheapness again, expect when they asked me to.”

    Expect should be Except? Just a heads-up for future reprints.

  30. congratulations waiter!
    greetings from mexico!
    love your blog. let’s see if they translate your book to spanish.
    who knows….
    let’s just hope so.



  31. Way to go Steve! I should get my copy of the book in the next few days and look forward to sitting in air conditioning and reading it cover to cover. Or fighting my daughter to get to read it first.

  32. You are every bit as cute and interesting as I knew you would be!
    I hope your book is available in Australia.
    Love yoour blog!

  33. Awww I think Jojo’s a teensy bit jealous. With that attitude, its no wonder that no one knows who you are- I have every confidence that no one outside your circle of family & friends ever will.

    Congrats Waiter!! Enjoy this exciting time, it’s truly deserved!!

  34. Wow – Waiter has been unmasked!

    I also read the book in one sitting. Loved it!

    Congrats and don’t forget us. I can’t wait to hear about all of your adventures. You’re famous!

  35. As a long-time reader, I am beaming with happiness for you! I feel like my pal is hitting it big after paying dues for years!

    So proud of you and thrilled. I hope you use this blog to every advantage to promote, promote, promote your book!!! You deserve it, and every good thing coming your way.

    Best wishes, and enjoying the hell out of seeing this all happen for you. Many prayers and well wishes coming your way, Steve. (You look great, too!)


  36. I just finished reading your book – was up into the wee hours doing so. When I began the book during the day (a hectic day with a bit of reading, mark the spot, go do stuff, come back, read some more), my husband kept hearing me chortle and frankly laugh loudly. After his first query, he would simply comment the next time heard me..”oh, you’re reading the Waiter Rant book”.

    Dang skippy…great stuff. I’ve loved your blog for years, and I am very happy to now have your book. Well done.

  37. We ordered your book from the Amazon link on your website. Can’t wait until it gets here. Saw your interview on the link you provide. Why do you say no one would hire you?? You would keep the restaurant running smoothly ! And how has the reaction been when you eat out and they recognize you?? Congratulations.

  38. jojo–even after Waiter (I mean Steve!) becomes a “has been” he’ll still beat a “never was” :) lol

    You GO Waiter!

    Waiting with bated breath for my copy of Waiter’s book to arrive from Amazon….Maybe tomorrow….

  39. I paid for the hard cover (usually don’t do that) and I’m 2/3 of the way through it. It’s great reading. I am not disapointed, delighted in fact.

  40. Congratulations ! I’ve enjoyed your blog for a few years now and will definitely pick up your book. I feel oddly proud of you, someone I don’t know “in real life”. Well done, Waiter.

  41. Ordered the book through Amazon last night, and happy to see my ordered shipped this morning – hoping to have it in my hot little hands by tomorrow! Can’t wait to read it! :)

  42. Got your book! A great read cover to cover in a few hours. Very entertaining and moving at the same time. I like dinging out, cannot afford to do to much of it and in the UK theres an inbuilt fear of retaurants ground into most of the populace. I noted this when living in Rome. Going out with Italian friends would bring comments of satisfaction (or disatisfaction) upon leaving the venue. But with Brits the principal comment would be “what a nice meal…. and so reasonable too”) the latter part being the most important. Here we expect to be cheated, ripped off, and made to feel inferior or lacking in some subtle way (you put up a You Tube link “posh waiter” some time back which says it all). This eating out here can be a strained social occassion and enjoyed only by the socially superior or masochistic

    So when are you writing the next one??

  43. You know how you get sad sometimes when you’re about two thirds of the way done reading something, because you know it’s about to be over? This was one of those.

  44. Wait a second… Steve?! You’ve been discovered?! Does this mean no more blog?! What the hell am I going to…
    Oh right, the book.

    Way to go, Waiter (you’lll always be Waiter to me). Best of success!

  45. If you pulled any of these shenanagins in my restaurant you’d be fired asap. Remember, the guest is not here for you. You are there to give them a dining experience. And you complain about repeating specials? Good thing for us all you are out of the business.

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