Book Signing!

I’ll be doing a book signing on Tuesday, July 29th at  Borders Books inside the Time Warner Building in Manhattan. The event starts at 7:00 PM. I’ll also be discussing my book and taking questions. I hope many of my readers in the New York area will be able to attend.

And no, I won’t be wearing a bag over my head.  See you there!


Book Signing! — 118 Comments

  1. As an ex-NYer, I would love to be there! I might just have to send someone to get a pic of the elusive waiter. Congratulations, you deserve it!

  2. Wait… in person!? Can’t wait to see how you do the voice modulation and face pixelation at a live event. :-) Seriously, sounds like a great signing opportunity!

  3. The thought of you trying to sign books with a paper bag over your head made me literally laugh out loud here at work. ;)

  4. Hey Waiter–I wish I was anywhere near NY just so I could get a peek at the elusive waiter! Does this mean that your next book will have your name on it?

  5. So a public reveal… I wonder if anyone you ever waited on will recognize you? =)

    Or, maybe buy your book and see that they’re X customer who was written about.

    Congrats on your success!!!

  6. When are you coming to Indianapolis? Probably long after I have finished the book.

    PS Giving up your secret? That is fairly bold and I presume it means you won’t be waiting tables anytime soon?

  7. Someone has to go and take a picture for the rest of us to see. Waiter, too bad I’m not in NYC! But I can’t wait to get the book! Best of Luck and know that all your fans love you!

  8. Bummer… I wish that I was not all the way over here on the left coast so I could attend the signing! Good luck! Someone has to post a picture:)

  9. Wish I could be there! I live in Honolulu and LOVE your witty and insightful take on the restaurant biz! I have been in and out of “the biz” for 17 years and get a kick out of reading your blog! Come see us in paradise soon!

  10. “He said he wouldn’t be wearing a paper bag. My prediction: a mask.”

    I’m thinking the Waiter’s time of anonymity is nearing an end. If he’s on the way out of waiting, there’s no reason. And it’s hard to promote yourself as a writer (and get writing gigs) if nobody knows your real name.

    I expect in a year or two he’ll be referenced in print as Joe “The Waiter” Blow. Wait, that sounds like a weird pro wrestling name…

  11. I will definitely try to make it to your book signing Waiter. I’ve been reading your blog for years and really looking forward to reading your book. Thanks for many interesting and funny posts. See you soon.

    -ray leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. I second CJ and say – come over to Scotland or the UK in general Waiter.
    Come over here and we’ll organise you women, drink and good times.


  13. Waiter – Too cool! Wish I could be there….I’ve been reading your blog for a long time, actually – I just realized – you are the first blog I ever read….this couldn’t happen to a better blogger. Wishing you much success!!! I’ve asked (I’ve left this remark in the comments) before – but, it would be great if you would offer signed copies of your book for sale. I really would really love to own one….once again – congrats!

  14. Oh please please please please please make Singapore your 18,38763rd destination for book signing! Can’t wait to see you :D

  15. Just to add to my last post.. I’m from Massachusettes and waitressed for years. I would never wait tables over here for reasons we all know.. But I am trying to reform the brit’s one at a time.. lol

  16. Congratulations! This is so exciting! I’ve been a fan for years and I will definitely be there! Can’t wait!

  17. Congrats Waiter! NYC is great for the New Yorkers, but what about the rest of us? Y not do a US tour followed by Europe (do NOT forget Capri!) and Australasia?

  18. Damn! I got all excited, thinking that I’d be in the city that day, but then I reread your notice, and discovered that it’s Tuesday the 29th, not Tuesday the 8th…(never mind that today is Tuesday the 8th: I’ve lost track of the days recently, what with the hubby being on vacation this week and all)
    I’m sooo disappointed…
    oh well, maybe I’ll run in on the 29th anyway. It would be great to finally meet Waiter.

  19. I am totally ordering your book once it comes out on Amazon. Too bad I’m in Canadian and can’t get it signed without spending 40 gabillion dollars. =/

  20. Wow, congrats on the signing! I wish you the best of luck with your book. I’ve been reading your blog almost from the beginning, and can’t wait to read the book! Try to make it down here to Atlanta- you have lots of fans here!

  21. Well I am in the area and will make every effort to attend! I am too excited to see the mysterious waiter! Wahoo!

    This is way too exciting! I look forward to hearing you read and talk and sign my copy!

  22. UGH. i am so jealous. please come to Ottawa… you know, the book signing capital of the world LOL

    i finally pre-ordered your book today. i literally received my credit card and then ran home and ordered it. that’s how much i can’t wait for it.

  23. Congratulations on the signing! I wish I could be there.
    I hope your book is a great success and I get a chance to see you signing copies in Europe \especially South East Europe\

  24. Just got this month’s Reader’s Digest. Kudos for having an excerpt of your book printed in the issue! Look forward to the whole book

  25. Any chance you’ll be revealing your name as well, Waiter? Or just face for now? =P I’d love to be there but I’m down here in Aussie-land… =(

  26. Seattle is waiting waiter!

    Around this time of year, it is awesome weather (no rain, well, not much!) and we are all looking for a great event.

    come with pen ready….

    also, yes, an author with no name cannot be as reverred…..

    good luck and congrats!


  27. I’m hoping to drop by, but my girlfriend was also hoping to take me to see Crosby Stills & Nash in Central Park that night, so there may be some negotiating in store. :-) Good luck!!

  28. Yay! Please, please, please come to San Francisco! I promise you have tons of readers here and will be overrun with adulation!

  29. yea i hope someone gets a pic, ive wanted to know who you are for a long time, and since NY is too far away for me, i’ll have to settle for a pic instead of meeting the great Waiter in person.

  30. That will be my 32nd birthday. But it’s a long long way to Tipperary — I mean, New York — from Oklahoma, and I have to work anyway… it would totally be a road trip worth it is I was younger and not so strapped for cash. Ah, well. If I win the lottery this week I’ll be there, otherwise, I’ll just dream…

  31. I frown upon this, Waiter, because tis’ far.

    I can’t wait to hear about this, though. Congrats. The amount of faith in overnight Youtube and the blogosphere is amazing.

  32. I predict he’ll have his arms and hands poking out from underneath a black screen… We’ll just have to wait and see. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…

    I may just have to take the train in from princeton to get the signature

  33. To Bob Dobbs – who posted “I expect in a year or two he’ll be referenced in print as Joe “The Waiter” Blow. Wait, that sounds like a weird pro wrestling name…”

    There’s a staff writer on the Dallas Morning News by the name of Steve Blow. His father’s name is Joe…. True! I swear! He’s even written about it!

  34. God damn! I have to work my shift that night! I want to be there so badlt – you are my sanity lifeline.

    But, if you and whoever wants to come to my restaurant for a party, come to Izakaya Ten, and I will fawn over you like I’ve never been fawned over before.

  35. “admin wrote on 07/9/08 at 12:35 am :

    Call your local bookstores and ask for me to come! ”

    OK people, you heard it–CALL YOUR BOOKSTORES Chop! Chop!

    I’ll take care of calling Borders and Barnes & Noble Buckhead [Atlanta].

  36. Congratulations.

    I have been reading your articles for more than three years now. I serioulsly doubt for your first book you will visit India for promotion. I hope to see you for second,third,fourth…. book promotion here in Mumbai, India.

    once your identity is revealed, will Waiter Rant will be continued? Anyway, you may start then Author Rant :-)


  37. Wow…how about putting up a picture of yours here on the site for us readers who are not in NY or US for that matter…

  38. Hey Waiter,

    Congratulations on your book excerpt that was in the Reader’s Digest! It was pretty informative and fun to read. If you’re ever in Idaho, look me up! :)

  39. I live in Florida – so I can’t make it to your book signing & wish I could! Good Luck hon! I hope you sell a million +1 (which would be me!)

  40. I just ordered your book as a birthday present for myself… I can’t wait for it to get here. Think you’ll ever do any book signings in Canada?

  41. Congrats on being chosen as a Harper/Collins “publisher in the Spotlight”/Amazon Vine selection and for being the first book to have all copies taken. That should generate some good buzz.

  42. Waiter, I absolutely love waiterrant. So much that when I’m down, or have got some time to myself, I indulge in reading the archives over and over again… which brings me to the point:

    The links for “Older entry” and “Newer Entry” are only at the bottom of the page. This means that if there are 200 comments on a post, I have to scroll down the entire stuff to go to another of your posts. I know – it takes just a couple of seconds – but you could say I’m lazy! Would you please work it out?

    P.S. – I did use the magic word, didn’t I?

  43. one liner…. yeah borders or barnes in buckhead (ATL) sounds like a sweet idea, im down with that! Waiter big time kudos to you!!! as a long time industry pro i thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. i love the ballet you write between postings from the mild mundane observations to the wildly hilarious to the thoughtful insights.

    gosh ive always said i should write my memoirs, but damnit ya beat me to the punch! im sure i will have a blast reading the book, cant hardly wait! much success to you Waiter its well deserved and earned =)

  44. Why doesn’t one of you that’s attending record the whole thing (with Waiter’s permissions of course), and upload it to YouTube or something? That would be ideal.

    Also, I’ve pre-ordered the book and would definitely like a chance to get it autographed, or even if you could do something like a sticker that you sign and mail out. I had that done with my copy of Freakonomics.

  45. Yes, saw you mentioned in the Very Short List newsletter as well. Been reading you for ages now – glad you’re doing so well!

  46. I caught the little article in Reader’s Digest. I got about two paragraphs in when I thought, wait a minute, I know this writing all too well. I checked the end of the article and sure enough, there was waiter, lol. I wish I could go to the signing, but NYC is a little too far from Boise, Idaho. ::sigh::

  47. Bob Dobbs wrote

    “I expect in a year or two he’ll be referenced in print as Joe “The Waiter” Blow. Wait, that sounds like a weird pro wrestling name…”

    Or the name of a lackluster porn.

    I’ll bet his middle name is Winthrop.

    This is so exciting!

  48. This blog has become one big yawn-fest. It has literally turned into one long, never ending mini series of your book promotion.

  49. I have to agree with Robin a bit. What content there is is good. But there’s not enough of it anymore. I’m kinda starting to lose interest.

  50. Its true. Look at Mimi in New York. Her book came out but she constantly writes. My problem with this site as it now stands is that the author has turned his back on what gave him the opportunity to do what he is doing now. Ten dollars says that this site is dead in a year.

  51. which means the anonymity is over. could you post your pics in here then for us outside of the u.s. to see what you look like?

  52. Honestly, I’m very upset. I live a 2 hour train ride from NYC and of course I’m going to be on vacation (mmm vacation) during that time. But I’ll be sure to buy your book at the B&N near the College of William and Mary! ;)

  53. Just returned from holiday in NYC and saw the notice in the Borders window that you would be there. Unfortunately timing was bad. Adrienne Barbeau was appearing that week. We’re back in California now. We would have definitely stopped in otherwise.

  54. I live in NYC! Which means I get to see the Waiter himself in the mask! Oh so excited. I’m taking off work that night…you’d better believe it. Your blog made some of my most disparaging nights as a waitress seem humorous, even when I thought I couldn’t laugh anymore. Love it! Even now that I’m out of the biz (temporarily, maybe) I still love your blog. Read mine, Waiter!?! I know you’re busy planning your tour all over the country and what not…

  55. Just got done reading the book from our local library. I would say it’s all fairly accurate, but so darn funny when you tell it.

    My only gripe with your good customer list is number 4. I can’t tell you how many hostesses have tried to squash my ample husband into a banquette or booth. He’s a prodigious diner, so they’d be better off seating him where he can comfortably eat, not in a booth where he can’t move his arms to move a fork.

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