Book Deal

I am pleased to announce that I have secured a book deal with Ecco, an imprint of Harper Collins, for Waiter Rant: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Front Lines of Dining Out.

I would like to thank Dan Halpern and Ecco for giving me this opportunity. I look forward to working with my editor Emily Takoudes and meeting the staff over at Ecco. I would also like to thank Farley Chase, my agent at the Waxman Literary Agency, for his confidence and persistence.

The list of people I need to thank is endless – but I have to thank my Mom, Dad, Brother, and friends for their unwavering support. Of course Id be remiss if I didn’t thank Fluvio and my coworkers at The Bistro. You guys are the best! Gracias mis amigos! Thanks Laurie!

And to the readers of Waiter Rant – I owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude. Without you guys none of this would be possible.

Details to follow at a later date. I will resume posting on Monday.

Thanks again everyone!


Book Deal — 22 Comments

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  19. Okay, so you have nothing but porn for comments so I’ll leave you one.

    This must’ve been an awesome time for you. Two years later you can buy this book on Amazon. Funny.

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