London 7/07/05

“The way was long and weary, But gallantly they strode, A country lad and lassie, Along the heavy road. The night was dark and stormy, But blithe of heart were they, For shining in the distance The lights of London lay. O gleaming lights of London, that gem of the city’s crown; What fortunes be within you, O Lights of London Town!” – George Robert Sims

Hang in there guys. Our thoughts are with you.

The lights of London shall always burn bright!


London 7/07/05 — 2 Comments

  1. Completely off-topic:

    I found your blog a couple of days ago and I got addicted to it. I’ve read it from day one and am sad I already completed it.

    You are an superb writer. I really like your perspective on life and you’re writing techniques. While reading your blog I imagined each scene and each character in my head. It was like reading an excellent book.

    I really wish I found your blog sooner.

    I am really looking forward to reading your upcoming posts.

    …. from a fan in Kuwait :D

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