Numa Numa!

his post has nothing to do with waiting tables but bear with me…..

Today I read a NY Times article about Gary Brolsma, a nineteen year old kid from New Jersey, who posted a video of himself singing an obscure Romanian pop song called “Numa Numa” on the internet. I don’t think he figured many people would watch it.

Surprise. Gary’s little video has been downloaded by millions of people becoming a mini phenomenon. He’s appeared on Good Morning America and his singing parody was broadcast on CNN and VHI. Gary’s now experiencing the transitory whirlwind of internet stardom and Fame can be a cruel mistress. Embarrassed by the entire furor, he avoids calls from the media and was quoted as saying he just wants all this attention to end.

I saw the video. At first glance it shows a pudgy kid doing the technological equivalent of singing in the shower. He lip syncs the words while waving his arm around in an improvised dance while never getting out of his chair. His facial expressions are priceless.

So I looked around other web sites wondering what others thought of Gary’s little effort. Some of the reactions were negative. “That’s sad” or “pathetic” were comments bandied about. I suspect words like that give Gary grief. Remember, he’s only nineteen. Then again, some people only get pleasure by making fun of others. Shame on them.

While I watched that video I saw what millions of other people saw – a kid who was, for a moment, supremely happy. Haven’t you ever been so caught up in something; a song, a sporting event, a dance, that you lost yourself in the moment? Never sang in the car to the consternation of passersby? Danced like an idiot at a wedding? Not once? You’ve never been alive. (And try telling those fat guys who paint their bellies with team colors while enjoying a football game they’re being pathetic. I dare you.)

Every once in a while we get so absorbed in the moment we step outside of ourselves – not caring what others think. Whether its music, literature, painting, prayer, or athletics, times like that are priceless. They connect us to the joy of being alive.

Truth be told, I sometimes dance around in my underwear while listening to 80’s tunes. You all, I’m sure, do something similar. Admit it.

There’s a lot of crap on the internet. I want to thank Gary for sharing a little of his joy, albeit unwittingly, with the rest of the world. Don’t be embarrassed Gary. Screw the immaturity of your adolescent critics. You brought a smile to the faces of millions of people

Very few of us can make the same claim.

Rock on kid. NUMA NUMA!


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  1. I teach theatre to kids and they are so inhibited and shy. I attribute part of this to the fact that everything they see in the media these days is basically mocking someone.

    Cheap shots suck. Earnestness rocks.

  2. thanx for putting that little clip on the internet its funny and my entire school saw it and liked it so be proud gary…

  3. thanx for putting that little clip on the internet its funny and my entire school saw it and liked it so be proud gary…

  4. yeah, i agree. i didn’t see him as a loser dork, i thought he was cool and wasn’t afraid to do his own thing. i don’t think he should be po’ed about all this.

  5. i most definatly agree. What he did with that song was 100%awsomness. i think that he was very brave for putting it online, because, like you said, so many of us do things very similar, and are just too self absorbed to share our “retard moments” with the world.And to “kevin’s post”, even if you do find the other person funnier, or better in any way, you have no reason to say and i quote “the jersey fat kid”. That, was without a doubt uncalled for.

  6. awww, poor kid, I thought it was ridiculously funny, he was caught up in the moment and having complete uninhibited fun. Too, bad people have to bring him down.

  7. People so suck, because you’re right, Waiter, that all of us have been caught up in the moment. Just the other day I was driving down the freeway and a fun song from the 80s came on and I was totally dancing in my seat. My sister said the guy in the lane next to me gave me the thumbs up, as I was obviously enjoying the music.

  8. I wish that people could look past the fact that he was over weight and being silly in a video and see that this kid, doing something that he absolutely clearly loved doing has just made himself an internet icon, even if only for his “15 minutes”. If you asked some guy on the street how many people are going to remember him, and then ask how many people will remember the numa numa guy? Well, I don’t think we’ll be surprised by the answer.

    go numa!

  9. That kid is awesome and has NOTHING to be embarrassed about…besides, HE put it on there right? So he should expect the hype. It was very cool. And anyone who calls it pathetic is really just talking about themselves, obviously.

  10. lol I’ve loved that song since high school. I remember when his video aired on VH1. People get caught up in music all the time *cough* me *cough* and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. So keep doing your thing, Gary. =D

  11. when michael jackson died i put on my best imitation mj pants, a glove and my michael jackson hat. i danced around my living room to all of his most popular songs with the blinds up. if someone had captured that on video, my ass would surely be up for scrutiny…but i didn’t give a shit! live it up gary! life is good!

  12. OMG!!! That kid is so cute! I’m proud of him for sharing his “moment of sheer joy” with the rest of us. Watching him made me smile and imagine that I’m doing 65 with the sunroof open and Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song just blasting at full volume. That’s my happy place. *sigh* Good job Gary!

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