Why a blog?

There are many books about waiting tables penned by frustrated authors and wannabe loser actors, so why should I add my tiny voice to the fray? Because all of these treatments are milquestoast pussywhipped stories written so as not to offend anyone. I read these books and I get a sneaking suspicion that the author is afraid he/she will be found out and lose their job. Inhibited bullshit. Fuck that.

I will remain anonymous so I can tell people what this job and working in the great American “service economy” is really like! All I will say is I am a waiter in a high end restaurant in the NYC area. The stories are true but some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent ( and my self form litigious customers!).


Why a blog? — 15 Comments

  1. Argh! I’ve been going backwards through your archives and was sure that when I got to “http://waiterrant.net/?p=6″ that I had five more pages to go. But now it’s over! What can I do now??

  2. Hello. Wow, I don’t even know how to begin. I’ve never contributed or even read a blog before, so this is all new to me. I am a waiter/server in GA, and I heard about your website last night from a WONDERFUL former manager of mine. He also mentioned your book, which I have yet to read.

    This is just a quick note to introduce myself and to express an avid and ardent interest in your perspective and entreprenual endeavor. I will spend the next few weeks reading these blogs and responses and figuring out exactly what this is all about. In my opinion this is something honest and fruitful and I hope to benefit and contribute. Thanks in advance.

  3. Hi

    I am no expert on blogs ( only recently started my own) but at the begining of the year I came across a blog and have been reading it since. Since then I look for intresting blogs to read. As before I stumbled across yuor blog and will be reading it from here onwards.


  4. Действительно интересный блог. Автор, не желаете ли его продать? Свяжитесь со мной – 7812один. Сергей.

  5. Did you ever think your website would be so famous, and 4 years later endup with a published book and apearances on TV?

    I work as a waiter myself in Scotland, things are a bit different over here, b ut the customers ar ehte same!

    i have read your blog for a long time now, but i want to start at the start and see how things progress, so here goes!

  6. I saw your book at Border’s Books this afternoon and I regret not buying it then. I read the first few pages at the store and kept chucking to myself like nut. I going to go back and buy it this weekend.

  7. I too am saddened that i have reached the end (beginning) of your blog. You truly are a gem. Thank you. You have in a way helped restore my faith in mankind. I think my favorite entry is the one where you talked about your godfather showing you that tapestry. Please keep writing! Best wishes.

  8. So I read some of this a while ago when I was younger, now I realize…you kept writing! So I’m here to start over. I am a waitress in Danbury, Ct; right outside NYC.

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