Anthony Bourdain & Food Porn

Yes, I’m still Anthony’s boy. (Happily.) Here’s another sneak preview for No Reservations. Cue the PR writers…..

Get ready for a treat this week with Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations: Food Porn. Tony is joined by some of the world’s most renowned chefs, such as Eric Ripert, Alan Wong, Martin Picard and more. This episode is for hardcore viewers only!

Bourdain is well aware of the body’s similar chemical and physical responses to food and sex. After traveling across the globe for years, and sampling some of the world’s greatest gastronomic pleasures, he is ready to share some of his favorite examples of what he likes to call…food porn. In this special episode, Tony presents a XXX selection of all that’s lip-smacking and luscious in the food world.

Dishes featured on the show range from crispy pork skin tacos, steaming pho, hot, drippy cheese based dishes, serious chocolate and of course, a pig feast. As Tony says, it’s ‘just filthy’. Just as in porn, not everything in food is glamorous or appetizing. Be it still-squirming octopus tentacles, the dirty ‘business end’ of a warthog, codfish sperm, or the bitterly juicy eyeball of a freshly-killed seal, there are some dishes around the world that provide disgust for some, yet immense gratification for others. But whatever it is that tickles your fancy, it can’t be denied that food and pleasure go hand-in-hand.Tune in

Monday, February 9th at 10pm EST for Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations: Food Porn.

Here’s a sneak preview!

Waiter’s note – Food porn? So what’s the money shot going to be?


Anthony Bourdain & Food Porn — 29 Comments

  1. Yet again, Americans think America’s best equates to “World’s best” a la America’s baseball champions = world champions. There’s a bigger world out there waiter.

  2. Tard, Hahaha! I’m not even sure what Phil is referring to….And I don’t really get the comment, seeing as I don’t see anything referring to “America’s best” anything (Eric Ripert-French, Martin Picard-from Montreal I believe?) Anthony’s been all over the world and eaten food that I wouldn’t even consider food. Give the man THAT much anyway!

  3. Made a comment once, after watching yet again another Food Network host make a sandwich and claim it was “made with a lot of love”. My comment was, “that’s not love, that’s mayonnaise!”

  4. Hey, there’s nothing pornographic about pho! Just don’t order the number one dish which always has the tripe. Usually around number 10 you will find the regular beef. However, under no circumstances should you inspect the kitchen in a Vietnamese restaurant! (some things are better left unknown)

  5. Am I the only one upset by the spam here? Waiter, all props to you, and I know I am not paying for this content, but still it feels… dirty. And not in the good way!

  6. As someone who has spent time in several countries besides the US, I’ll tell you a secret: They have crap EVERYWHERE.

    It’s amazing that Americans romanticize everything about other countries. Simple fact: the stuff from other countries that makes it over here (to become popularized and overused to the point of parody) is the better stuff from a country. The stuff that doesn’t get shown on TV is the crap.

    Every country has a lot to offer, and a lot of crap that never gets seen elsewhere. So get over yourself there, Phil.

  7. jimbob jones- doesn’t his nick say it all? redneck. everything that comes over “here” is the best that country has to offer? f’ing nationalist redneck!

  8. I wish I would have seen this site back in 2009. I just came across it today. My last six years as a server have nearly been a complete waste of frustrated energy looking for gratitude, but Waiter Rant and Kitchen Confidential have given me solace. Life goes on.

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