Digging In the Dirt — 8 Comments

  1. Thanks for visiting the site… I’m looking through yours now and adding you to my blogroll… great fucking stuff here man, you got me all smiles and I started the day in a pissy cunt mood. Which is funny because I haven’t been awake long enough to have anything to be pissy about.

    Thanks for making me smile…

  2. I agree with socialworker. It’s amazing how low people can go and I am addicted to the addicts of Dr. Drew’s show. Today starts Sober House and can’t wait for that. I see the people on that show and no matter how bad things are for me, I can go “damn………at least it’s not THAT bad”. The only one even worth a crap was Tom Sizemore and it’s a shame he can’t get it together. He was sooooo talented!

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