The Today Show – Again! — 23 Comments

  1. The other guy stole your mojo. You didn’t get to answer what, two questions? But you were gracious, humorous, and looked happy and fit. Kudos!!

  2. Glad I lost twenty pounds since the last time I was on television! Still a bit to go! Camera always adds on the pounds! Hey, I got to say hi to Jerry Stiller.

  3. I am sorry you had to get dressed up for that.

    Still and all a good plug for your book.

    BTW, it is disgusting that steaks dropped on the floor are still cooked. Gagsome.

  4. Good job, Waiter. You were charming, but Kathi Lee is oh so annoying interruping you every few seconds. This is the first time I’ve seen you “in person” – you’re adorable! Let me know if you ever come visit Richmond, VA…

  5. I keep forgetting how much I kind of sort of hate Kathie Lee Gifford until I see her again. She really is wholly unpleasant (at least on camera). “Can’t they give the used bread to the poor?” GAH!

    You were great, when you got a work in edgewise.


  6. Seeing some of the negative comments about Danny Meyer I had to respond. I’ve had several friends who’ve worked for him over the years and they’ve all said he’s a great boss – thoughtful, fair and takes care of his employees. And man, he knows how to turn out a good product. If you’ve ever eaten at one of his restaurant’s you’d get why he’s so successful. It was a pleasure to meet him in person.

    Okay Danny, you know where to send my check! :)

  7. Chickie, tips should be calculated before the taxes. I challenge you to give one good, unselfish, reason why customers should tip on tax!

  8. I love that you got to mention the “Source Municipal” water – that cracked me up when I first read it in your blog. Great interview! I’ve missed all your other TV appearances; glad I caught this one.

  9. totally agree on the kathie lee verdict. she is a godawful interviewer. really can’t understand why they keep giving her shows. maybe she puts out, but who wants THAT?

  10. Read your book. I have made it my goal to do everything you say customers shouldn’t. Have started by refsing to tip anyone any more!!!

  11. “Can’t they give the used bread to the poor?” Wow, Let them eat cake Kathy Lee! Gauche is all you can say about the woman.

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