Today is Election Day.

Vote. I don’t care who you vote for. Just vote.

Americans have suffered lynching and torture so we can vote.  Americans have faced down fire hoses and dogs, been bombed, murdered, and maimed so we can vote. Americans have labored in unpaid obscurity and have been ridiculed and ostracized so we can vote. Americans have gone to prison so we could vote. Americans have had their reputations ruined so we could vote. American servicemen and women have returned home with grievous wounds and psychological scars so we can vote. Americans have fought and died so we can vote.

It doesn’t matter if the lines at the voting booth are long or we think we don’t have enough time to cast a ballot. We have time. Countless unsung heroes made the time for us.



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  1. No comments for this post folks. Waiter Rant’s not about politics. Please do your civic duty and vote.

    Time to get off my soapbox. I’ll be back with a new story on Wednesday.

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