The City Brotherly Love

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. My life has been very busy with professional and personal activities. In fact I’m heading down to Philadelphia today to do a TV show and a radio interview! Then I’m speaking at the Brooklyn Book Festival this Sunday. After that my schedule will calm down a bit and I’ll start posting stories. And believe me – I’ve got some stories to tell!

Many thanks to everyone for the lovely  messages of support. I appreciate it! I’ll be back soon!

-Steve (The Waiter)


The City Brotherly Love — 84 Comments

  1. Congrats on all the success Steve, but please do try to post something at least once a week. I need my fix of WaiterRant…..I need to see the strife you go through to remember how great I have it!!!!!

    All the best!


  2. Definitely check out a Steven Starr restaurant while you are here – you won’t be disappointed. Budekon & Tangerine are my favorites (and if you are in a martini mood – check out Continental at 2nd & Market).

  3. Hey Steve, just got your book in the mail and just got to chapter three.

    Saying I am hooked would be the height of understatement. The book is so far all I expected and even more.

  4. This blogging world is so surreal. Since I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years and watching your success unfold I almost feel that you’re a shirt tail relative whose fame I can point to and say “that’s my Aunt Bertha’s second cousing on her husbands side. We met once when we were 18 months old, wanna see the picture”?
    Am looking forward to some great stories. Congrats on your fame and hopefully fortune!

  5. i am a little disappointed by the lack of posts about anything other than ‘your appearances’…sincerely happy for your success but after reading the book i was a little disheartened at some of your comments…the blogger and the writer seem very different in purpose and sometimes sincerity…but alas, as much as i would like to think it, i don’t really know you personally even though it seems i do from your posts…so who i shouldn’t judge, but i do as do we all (we are flawed humans)……ok, let the bashing begin

  6. Bash, bash, bash. Nah.

    I agree with Cynthia that the mystique of your blog is somewhat diminished with the loss of your anonymity. But that’s life, right? We march through time, taking life in stride. A new chapter has arrived for you Steve. New windows, new doors… I pray you will make wise decisions with all the opportunities being presented to you.

    And as much as we all love reading your blog, if you feel called to close this chapter I think those of us who have read the book will understand completely. As long as you keep writing books.

  7. Hey Steve. Have fun and enjoy the ride, but please don’t forget about us ‘little people’ lol…because we still need our Waiterrant fix! ;) Take Care.

    P.S. to Cynthia
    No,on second thought, nevermind. Just gonna’ go w/Mom’s advice of ‘if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all’ and call it a night! :/

  8. Stephani:

    My mother always said that too… but she’s dead.

    Cynthia: You’re a putz. What else is he supposed to be writing about? That’s what he is doing now. Did you expect him to continue regurgitating waiter stories when he is no longer waiting tables?

  9. Reading of your adventures and good fortune is such a pleasure; I am happy for you. But calling you Steve is just weird – you will remain Waiter to me for a while yet, anyway.

  10. I just finished waiter rant and I loved every page of it! I just quit my serving job of 4 years last week and your book spoke to me! Congrats on being published….the book is amazing!

  11. Hey, I just stubled across your blog and I love it! Another enjoyable blog is You should definitely check it out.

  12. Just read your book and found myself at times laughing at loud at others holding back my emotions. I gues only the names change but the stories are universal. Best of luck yo you!

  13. you came to chicago??? when? i had no idea! i definitely would have showed up. call me when you are coming back.

    btw…just for fun, i asked at the local suburban library about the availability of your book…. it is on a wait list of over 36 people. they have ordered extra copies.

  14. It’s so funny to hear about the book signings and everything. I remember coming across this blog a long time ago and loving every bit of it and never had a clue it would become a book and there would be so much press. Congrats Steve

    The Beer Snob

  15. Hi, my name is Kum Hurray, I do everything fast, that why they call me Kum Hurray! Waiter book have no pictures, so it take long time for Kum Hurray to read, and Kum Hurray no like long time activity! That all, thanks!

  16. Back from the festival! I stayed till 3 so as not to miss anything important. As a self-described foodie, I wholeheartedly agree with using it as a pejoritive term

  17. Hey, there’s a new website about to launch called Behind the Burner: it features exclusive tips on products and cooking techniques, as well as video demonstrations with New York City’s best chefs! Be sure to check out the website,, where you can sign up for email updates and more info.

  18. Just want to say I love ur book! I bought it yesterday and just finished it. I am a bartender and can relate the stories lol- have a great trip – look forward to reading more !

  19. Just finished reading your book. One great piece of work. Was that a optimistic cynicism or cynical optimism?! Any which ways..thanks for making us understand the other side!

  20. i’m reading the book now and i love it. it inspired me to do a great thing last night – QUIT!
    5 girls crammed themselves into a 4 top so they could be seen by everyone, ordered a bottle of the cheapest wine, 2 apps and squatted for 2 hours. their bill – a measly fucking 83 bucks. so after splitting the bill 3 ways, guess how much i was left? 8 bucks and a coupon. yep. a coupon. when i saw it, i was like hey whats that? it says in big bold letters on a business card – 5 DOLLARS WORTH OF COOKIES. man i was psyched. i kind of knew what was coming, but really. i like cookies. then i turned it over, and it was a business card for the girl sitting there who owns a from-home jewelry business called cookie something or other (in the hartford area – dont go there!) and i got psyched again – hey a number. just as good as cookies. then i saw the 2 4buck tips on cc slips. fuck this shit. if it were v-day, and i were married, and didnt have a gift, and would be divorced if i didnt come home with one, and this cookie bitch were the last place on earth – ill just fucking get divorced. thanks. the last straw – really. great concept. horrible customers. its like a fucking chucky cheese. 85 different beers, and i swear i only sell fucking unsweetened iced tea. well, thanks for the book, man. good luck and good tips. btw – the coupons in the trash. i ripped it up in front of her.

  21. Hi Steve. I really enjoyed your book and blog. I really love your writing style, and as a fellow writer, I’m curious where else you’ve been published and I’d love to hear about your writing process.

    If you’re interested, I wrote a review of the book at, a local entertainment magazine in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

  22. suzanne…you really don’t understand the concept of reading for CONTENT do you?…i would try to explain but alas, i’ve already wasted too much time on you and i think it’s an exercise in futility anyway, so this is MY last one here…best to you and your mom….

  23. Ladies please…save the hostility for the mud-wrestling pit, we’d all appreciate it greatly. I’d probably retract the statement though once I saw what you two look like, judging from the way you act on here, but alas…beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to public female nudity.

  24. I just finished listening to Waiter Rant on CD. Loved it, and I am addicted to this website. Please continue to post. I never understood what waiters went through until my son became a server in high school and college. Now I only give less than 20% tip when the server really messes up. I start with 20% and hope that they won’t do something to fuck it up.

    Interestingly, whenever I eat out with my 90 year old aunt, I have to sneak a tip to the waiter because she doesn’t understand why a waiter needs to be tipped anything! It’s amazing to watch her.

  25. Hello-
    Just wanted to say that it’d be immensely helpful if you could post a permalink on the homepage for the beginning of the blog and then where it shifts from being mostly about waitering to mostly about writing a book. I’m definitely going to return here to get an inside look on writing a book, but for now I’m randomly skipping through the archives trying to find the wait staff stories. Help, please?
    Thanks so much!!

  26. faith -this is kinda sad you need this info but if you scroll ALL the way UP there is a list ogf archival links -click the top one and read em all then click on the next link and read em all -repeat about 20 times

    Hey Waiter-its thursday and you posted after Sunday you were free and had some posts to posts-Cmon! you want us to beg for em????

  27. I’ve been a lurker here for about a year and I just bought your book (I had to order it) and I cannot put it down. I’ve been in the food service industry for 36 years now most spent as a waitress, now I’m a line cook so I know exactly what your talking about. I can’t wait to pass my book around to my friends, nobody understands like the people who have been in our shoes. Thanks Steve, you have done all of us a great service.

  28. STEVE!
    I’m listening to you right now on the radio on the KQ morning show here in Minneapolis, MN. You’re public speaking has improved since the first interview on TV you did where you seemed a ltitle nervous. You sound great! Love your BLOG!

  29. Hey, man, I just wanted to tell you that I’m using your book to distract myself from the heat, humidity, and bugs in Houston until the power comes back on after hurricane Ike. Thanks! I needed that!

    Really enjoying the book so far, though I might prefer fewer references to strip clubs. ;-)

  30. Must get your book, have so enjoyed the blog. Thank you.

    I still contend that tips are a bonus her here in Canada.. Am I just naive? We tip of course but is it true Canadians tip less as waitstaff are at least paid the minimum hourly rate? Curious..

  31. has anyone bothered to put a mirror under Steve’s nose in the morning just to check if he is alive? the book has gone global still many congrats. it only took me like 4hrs to read the book and hand it off to others to read, now what am i left with? please dont abandon the lil people Steve

  32. I have a clue, a really raging clue about Waiter not posting anymore…yep, it’s a raging clue alright…I’m getting dizzy, it’s such a super penetrating clue, a real stud picker of a clue…yep, it’s a clue alright…

  33. i miss the pre-fame, pre-book waiterrant. another blog bites the dust and succumbs to sparse promotional posts lacking the content for which the site was once beloved. congratulations, though: the fame is well-deserved.

  34. I”ve been reading you for about 4 years? Maybe five. I got married and forced away from the computer and now that I’m back I’m completely relieved that you are still here. you are what got me through my days back then and I’m glad to know you will get me through my days now.It’s like coming home

  35. Congrats! I just started reading your book, which is excellent! I’ve been serving for for about 10yrs..(tooo long) the book is so real, I love it! I wish I’d known about this site before now. I live just outside Ottawa and serve in a little restaurant there.. boy I could tell you some stories!

  36. So glad u wrote this book! My fellow waiter & I daily say someone should write a book about how to be a good restaurant patron & our trials. Yesterday, there was a table of 5 elderly people (our main customer base) that looked at me like I should be in a bread line. My husband & I do quite well for ourselves & I do this job because I want to. Then they tipped poorly, as many elderly do. It was, for some reason, so depressing yesterday. Why do the customers that run you the hardest tip the least? Why do they act like you are bothering them when I do an excellent job at my occupation due to loving eating at nice places myself and knowing what good service looks like? Plus, I was told that I got a raise, went home excitedly with my check, opened it and realized it was, frankly, an insulting amount. It would be nice to feel more valued doing what I enjoy most days. Thanx 4 letting me rant! :) How theraputic!

  37. I used to love this blog and I would make a point of visiting every day.

    Now it seems like the blog is simply a sales pitch for the book. BORING.

    It is such a shame that waiter seems to have forgotten it’s the blog that got him where he is today. Now the blog readers are potential book customers instead.

    Bye Waiter. I hope it works out for you because once everyone has finished the book and there’s nothing left to read about you – what then?

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