Updates – China!

My book has been on the NYT Bestseller List for a month! Who would’ve figured?

Also, here’s a little press I did with Playboy.com and the Chicago Tribune.

I’m also honored to be have been invited as a panelist at the Brooklyn Book Festival on September 14th! Thanks Emily!

Finally, I’m thrilled to announce that the good people at CTW Culture will be publishing my book in Chinese! How cool is that?  I can’t wait to get my copy – even if I can’t read it! 谢谢!


Updates – China! — 87 Comments

  1. I wonder how the cultural differences will translate. Still! Congratulations! I don’t know how we will get any more waiter stories out of you since you are making good money with this book.

  2. Wow! Go, Steve, Go.

    LOL. I am trying to picture you at a reading in Beijing! I guess they would have to have a translator! Or you will need to go to Berlitz for Mandarin lessons.

  3. China!! That’s brilliant, I agree it will be interesting to see how they relate to it. Best news is that my 2 copies arrived last week (1 for me and 1 for a gift) and just so you know it’s also now published in Australian ;)

  4. Ding How! (Chinese for # 1) I enjoyed every word of the book. I identified strongly with several parts of it. I also realized that I’m a decent customer and a better than average tipper.

    What are you going to do with your time when the whirlwind stops and the dust settles?

  5. I once read that for each week on the NYT best seller list, it’s worth $1 Million dollars to the author.
    Guess who won’t be waiting tables any more?

  6. This is a little off-topic, but I understand there’s a time-honored practice of a waiter standing with arms arched above the head fingers pointing toward the scalp. It’s apparently used between waiters when signaling a difficult customer. Could you explain what this means?

    By the way, I’m intrigued by your book and hope to buy a copy tomorrow. Thanks.

  7. Congrats, Waiter Steve! I just finished the book and it’s great. I don’t mind that you reused material from your blog; it was still great the second time around. Good luck with your writing career.

  8. I just finished the book, well done waiter…(it’s so hard to call you Steve after years of reading your blog). It translates well into Canadian as well…lol.

  9. Well, I bought the English edition and read it in one night.

    Love the book, love the blog, looking forward to your next big thing!

  10. Finally placed my order for your book, can’t wait for it to get here so I can read it!

    Congrats on the well deserved success :)

  11. all this and theres gonna be more we all know it, whats next a show on travel channel going to other countries to observe theie waiters? i smell an emmy.

  12. I’m a long-time reader of your blog, it’s such an inspiration. Congratulations, you totally deserve it.

    I just finished the book myself – KEEP WRITING!

  13. I discovered your blog this weekend after coming across a review of your book. I’m having a wonderful time reading and getting absolutely nothing else done. I just realized that I was missing a lot of posts by using your monthly archives. When I clicked on “uncategorized” and hit older or newer entry, I found a lot more posts. Maybe this has something to do with the site problems you mentioned. Anyway, I just wanted to let other people know so they don’t miss any of your posts.

  14. Remember when you used to write blog posts instead of ads for your book and posts glorifying yourself? Let’s go back to that, that was fun!

  15. Hi Steve, I have read your blog for the last couple years but have never commented. I’ve been one of the silent ones out here following along with fascination at your stories and your story telling. I bought your book today and felt compelled to say congrats on your success and I am looking forward to the read. I have a date tomorrow morning with coffee and Waiterrant.

  16. Congrats, Steve! 恭喜恭喜~ 施蒂夫!

    I’m so getting the copies in both English and Chinese and read them side by side!

    I wonder how they are to translate the title.<>?LOL!

    Seriously, it’d be very interesting to see how they make sense of the cultural references, like illegal immigrants, taken out of their daily social context.

    Nonetheless, you’d get perfect understanding on some subjects like the self-righteous assholes, no matter where you are. LOL

  17. Hi Steve,
    I just wanted to drop you a note – I’ve finished your book, it was wonderful! Normally memoir-style writing bores me to tears (Tuesdays with Morrie drove me up the wall) but your writing was engaging, and kept me eagerly reading until the end. You have a wonderful talent for looking below the surface and bringing out some little koan about the human condition in your writing. I’m looking forward to reading more books by you, about any subject you choose to write about!

  18. Congrats on all your success, you deserve it! I only discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago, but instantly fell in love with your writing style. I went back to the very first post and have read it all the way through. I’ve never done that with a blog before, but yours’ is riveting. I feel so proud for some reason, almost like an old friend has found great success in his life… I truly hope that you have continued success in all areas of your life, Steve. Yay for the underdog!

  19. Hiya Steve,
    When is your book coming to South-East Asia? I can’t get seem to find it at any bookstore in either Singapore or Kuala Lumpur! The last time I checked at Border’s (Singpore), I was told that it was “coming”.
    Please convey to your publishers that you have a huge fan base in these neck of the woods!

  20. Hey Steve

    Heard you and Waiter Rant getting Big Ups on George FM (lifestyle/clubbing/inner-Auckland station)here in New Zealand yesterday.


  21. I’m almost finished with the book, and I’m enjoying it immensely. I’m one of those who waited tables on my way to something else–but I did it for a couple of years.

    Your observations are right on, and delivered with a wit and tact I couldn’t hope to duplicate–though I did share a host of experiences similar to yours.

    I’m recommending the book to all my friends who’ve every donned the apron. Well done, sir. Congrats and keep up the good work!

  22. I ABSOLUTELY love your book. finished it in two days. all i did besides was drinking some fluid and stretch out and flex my face because I laughed and cried so hard.
    I’m fluent in Chinese, I hope they will do a good job translating your masterpiece. Let’s just say, your theme inspired us college kids to appreciate people serving us and not take them for granted anymore.

    I’m proud to say I’ve joined the 25% tipper group.

    can’t wait for your next project, Steve

  23. Book arrived and am currently reading it, great stuff!

    I’m actually pacing myself so I don’t go through it too fast and it’s hard! I love books I don’t want to put down.


  24. No new stories? Jeez Louise, you’ve been on the road promoting your book and there should at least be something interesting to report!

    Remember – this site made you – you dont want to be the band whose first record hits well but then take 4 years to come back with a second record, because by then – we’ve lost interest, and the accomplishment of the first record (book) is / will be forgotten!

  25. Finished the book in the wee hours of morning today and I think there ought to be a sequel or something. There are so many more stories you must have to share with us!! Good luck with everything here on!

  26. Re:Disgruntled Reader & Bombed Voyage’
    //begin sarcasm
    Yeah, jeez (ex)Waiter, you have no right to your life, we demand that you entertain us NOW! We own your ass, this is a SERVICE you are obliged to provide to us, in fact, as readers of your blog, we DEMAND free copies of your book and a cut of your earnings. Without us you would still be waiting tables you lowly service peon!
    //end sarcasm

  27. Just finished reading your book, and thought that I could somehow understand your “fear” even though I am not waiting.
    Congratulations on stepping out.
    And even though I wish to say this to you face to face, “Good luck!You can definitely achieve whatever you want to be, however time may have flown”.

  28. Hey Steve

    Got your book today and I loved it. I read part of it at work last night (bought it before work) and then read the rest in one sitting today. I have one complaint: parts of it were too serious! I didn’t expect to cry. As an Oregonian, I liked the mention of our far-better wage law for waiters.

    Seriously, though, the book’s great. Congrats!

  29. Numbers 50, 52, 55, 58, 60 – what they all said.

    While I can appreciate your hetic life at the moment, please don’t forget us. I miss seeing a new story a couple times a week. I even start to worry if you’re ok…

  30. The question now remains – what will you do now? I mean, coasting on newly found fame is great and wonderful, but by the little I grasp of who you are – – will that be enough? What will be the next chapter in your life that will inspire continued wonderful writing? I hope that evolves soon. Dont get me wrong – tremendously happy for you. Im just selfish and want more of your writing is all.

  31. I’m really sorry to see so many people that can’t let you rest. Enjoy the success you’ve found since the release of your book, spend some time with your loved ones and doing what you want to do.

  32. Hey Rachel – blah blah blah! What, did I miss an update that somebody close to Waiter died? How typically female!

    The fact is that this site is no longer just a personal indulgance for Waiter, but it is part of his career as a writer – that is – if he cares to maintain that career. I miss his stories also and am disappointed, but if it’s not important to him, than why should it be important to us?

  33. well, he is obviously still approving the comments, so it can’t be the death rattle yet, but yeah, it is the typical

    blogger gets popular
    blogger gets book deal
    blog goes to shit

    it happened with Mimi in New York, Clublife, Opinionistas etc.

  34. wow, i liked this blog a lot better when it was about waiting tables as opposed to a rundown of publicity appearances, book signings, and media interviews

  35. Where Oh Where did My Waiter Go? Where Oh Where Could He Be? Though I do hope you’re having fun, I MISS YOUR STORIES! Waiter?????

  36. Congrats on the Chinese version of your book!

    Hmm I am already sure that I don’t want to know what is really going on in most restaurants in China … I would be really afraid to read a Chinese equivalent of your book, as I don’t think I could continue to comfortably eat out in China.

    And imagine a book about a food inspector in China … eeg!

  37. Congratulations!
    I’m from China.I read about this web site in newspapers.
    In the newpapers, the excerpts of your blog was subtitled with “麻辣侍应生的麻辣生活志”, which probably meant ‘a cool waiter’s cool life’.
    There are many differences in expression between Chinese and English. So it will be better if you know how your book is translated.
    Lion wrote “庆贺侍者”. But in Chinese, we seldom use words like that. We will say “祝贺你” or “恭喜你”. The word “庆贺” is only used in formal occasions. “侍者” is a word often seen in ancient Chinese prose and poems, and it’s not suitable to call a friend with his occupation.
    I’m so glad to see that using Chinese has become the in-thing. I wish we can communicate more easily someday!

  38. “麻辣侍应生的麻辣生活志”

    Hot & Spicy Waiter’s Hot & Spicy Diary?

    That’s too … uh…long…of a name…should be something like 侍应之愤怒语录?

  39. Chinese words usually have a lot of meanings.
    For example, “麻辣” means not only ‘hot & spicy’. In Chinese slang, it is also used to describe something that can make us feel thrilled & excited and people who are smart, energetic and interesting.

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