It’s National Waiters Day! — 46 Comments

  1. 30% tip and 30% less customer snark, now that would really sweeten the deal.

    As a butterfly flapping it’s wings in Saigon affects the temperature in New York (or however the faux-Zen saying goes), your insights have had an impact on the eating populace even in my small bit of the globe.

    I hope you make a million bucks on your book.

  2. I always tip 30% or negative .02 cents (only did that once, the 4#%@ ignored us when we came in, ignored us until we had to call her over to order, let, our food sit in the warmer till *I* got it, etc :( baddd waitress, got fired)

  3. 30% is high for Canada but I’ll def. throw down an extra buck or two. And I’m a student so for me a buck is about 1/6th of my meal already!

    • You Canadians don’t tip zip. Just don’t go out to eat in America so we don’t have to bust our ass for nothing.

  4. Great show on the ‘Net Waiter…Pre-Order is all set…and it’s National Waiter’s Day and I am working tonight…Woo-Hoo;)
    Happy Waiter’s Day to all!!

  5. Wait, there’s a National Waiter’s Day? Damn, my tips never increased on May 21st of any year… guess I was getting screwed the whole time. Hrmph.

  6. Lol,love the graphic that you pilfered. I also thank you for leading me to Well Done Fillet, I think he is a tad more cynical and crazier than you sometimes.

  7. Congrats on the book, Waiter! Please keep entertaining us with your blog, I really look forward to it, especially when I’m at my boring job. We will go out to dinner this weekend at our new fave place here in SW FL, it’s called the Elephant Bar in Fort Myers-absolutely awesome place. We had the best service, great food, clean and fun atmosphere, and the prices are reasonable. Have a great day all!

  8. Yey Waiter Rant is being sold accross the pond. I have added it to my book list and will be sure to buy it when it’s released. Still loving the blog by the way.

  9. Thanks for letting us know, waiter. I’ll definitely go out and celebrate the day!

    My nephew was a waiter when he went through college, and he often got stiffed by customers.I try my best to make up for it…..

  10. Nice to have a day that recognises waitstaff. Wish we had a national speak your mind day for waiters, that would be great.
    HAs Hallmark made a card yet….maybe one with a money pocket for the tips would be great.

  11. Went out to eat today. The server seemed to know what we needed when we needed it; he was excellent, so I tipped him 30% without knowing it was National Waiters Day.

  12. And here I thought the place I went to lunch today was just trying to get more tips… they had a big white board with a message about “Waitresses Day”. Guess they didn’t have waiters.

  13. well…! i wish we had “national waiters day” in canada.
    though right about now, i’d appreciate even an unassuming “go out to eat and don’t be an asshole day”, myself.

  14. I wish I’d known…I’d have eaten someplace tippable last night instead of grabbing a burrito. (A better option on a couple of levels, as it turns out.)
    Thanks for posting that, now I have another good waiter blog to read.

  15. Doh! We went out to eat last ngiht (the 21st) because it was my birthday and tipped 20%. We didn’t know about waiter day. HOWEVER, I also want to mention that it was made quite obvious to me that the waiters didn’t like that we weren’t ordering wine or cocktails. They asked 3 times and we said no each time, and they never took the wine list away, and then another guy came along and asked, we said no, he turned to our main waiter who shrugged and said “Sorry, man” before walking away. I mean WTF was up with that? We dropped a lot of money on a dinner that was supposed to be for my birthday and in the end I just felt judged. I mean, what if we were alcoholics or something? Would they still be pissed that we didn’t order alcohol? As it was I didn’t get b/c it causes rosacea flare-ups and my husband was driving us home. For sheesh! Is there something about serving wine that gets them a profit above and beyond what they get for everything else? It’s not like we can afford places like that more than once in a long while and they could have been a little less obvious about their disdain. I waited tables for a while too, so I know about being polite, saying please and thank you and tipping big, so it’s not like we were doing anything to warrant that kind of attitude.

  16. Dude, are you like lazy or something? You’ve only had like 2 entries this month other than you’re self promotions. Way to go on sustaining interest leading up to your book release.

  17. Hallmark really needs to commemorate this occasion with cute/funny/touching money cards. Now that would make for an official holiday!

  18. Fucking double typing -.- See what coffee does to u, makes u repeat urself….repeat urslef….repeat urself :P

  19. ha i’m a waiter and that was my birthday. i shoulda gotten 40%. i prolly got 10 though not for lack of trying

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