Happy Birthday — 7 Comments

  1. hey doll: i’m tired as shit right now but i can’t stop reading your quips. thanks for lifting my heavy load a little. xxoo.

  2. You have one of the funniest job in the world. Trying to serve people without being a servant.
    I am one of those 60 year old men that have a 48 year old wife. And she looks like she is 25. Everyone that calles themselves my friend continues to ask where I buy my Viagra. Sorry folks, I just do not need it. But never say that that man is not going to get any tonight, because old men always get what they want each night, it is part of being old. Love your insights into the people you see. Keep it up, in all things.

  3. gratz… nice post u have there…. i guess is a good thing i’m still too young enuff to get married.

    anyways. congratz bout ur blog bein published in our newspaper as our featured blog.

  4. I love reading your stories… it makes me laugh and it makes me sad so please don’t ever long and prosper..

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